Welcome to the Toronto, Ontario Congregation of United Church of God-Canada

Anthony and Linda WasilkoffWe observe the seventh-day Sabbath and God's Holy Days as revealed in the Bible. The mission of the Church is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God in all the world, make disciples in all nations and care for those disciples.


We are part of the spiritual body of Jesus Christ and a congregation within the United Church of God. We strive to actively practice authentic Christianity as recorded in the Book of Acts. Our aim is to grow in grace and knowledge (2 Peter:3:18) and we endeavour to worship God in Spirit and in truth (John:4:23-24).
In our local congregation you will experience a loving and caring atmosphere. You will be extended the right hand of fellowship. All we ask is that visitors come to worship with us in peace.

If you would like to attend a Sabbath Service with us, you will find the information under Local Information. Or you may contact us.

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God’s Hand on Nations

God’s Hand on Nations
Learn how and why God determines whether, when and for how long a nation becomes great and wields influence in the world.